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We were honored to be recognized by some of our partner organizations this past year:
“Law Firm of the Year” Award 
Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program
“2019 Pro Bono Award”
Public Counsel
“President’s Award”
– Sidley and David Buente
Potomac Riverkeeper Network
“Humanitarian Award”
ACLU of Southern California
“Immigrant Justice Award”
ACLU of Southern California
“2019 Legal Advocacy Award” – Stephanie Hales
Disability Rights Maryland
“Justice Potter Stewart Award”
– Mark Herzog
2019 Council for Court Excellence
“Award for Excellence in Pro Bono Service”
United States District Court, in conjunction with the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association
“Amicus Service Awards” – Michael Buschbacher, Spencer Driscoll, Gordon Todd and Paul Zidlicky
International Municipal Lawyers Association
“Pro Bono Award” – Sidley and Jim Arden
Mobilization for Justice
“Legal Leadership Award”
American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey
“Champion Award” – Sam Gandhi
Pro Bono Partnership
“Rookie of the Year Award” – Karim Pirani
National Immigrant Justice Center
– Mark Rosenbaum, Director of Public Counsel Opportunity Under Law
“Sidley is the first law firm in the nation to argue on behalf of schoolchildren forced to attend schools in name only — lacking teachers, books, safe and sanitary buildings and facilities — that a constitutional right of access to literacy exists under the 14th Amendment. While it should not be necessary in the 21st century to file civil rights litigation to ensure a right to read, the sad truth is that it is. The strong children and their families in Detroit and elsewhere have carried on this struggle for generations. They would be the first to tell you that this fight has reached another level because of the genius, commitment and efforts of an army of Sidley lawyers.”