Low-Income-Housing Suit
Impacting Our Communities / Low-Income-Housing Suit
Sidley represented a low-income homeowner in a lawsuit against a general contractor and the city of Irving, Texas. The homeowner had applied to the city’s housing rehabilitation program for a low-interest and partially deferred loan of approximately $50,000 to repair her home. As part of the program, the city selected the contractor to perform the work, but the contractor’s repairs resulted in at least $40,000 in damage to the home’s foundation and exterior siding. Despite contractually agreeing to ensure that the contractor’s work was performed at the highest standards, the city paid him in full and refused to meaningfully address the damage. The court dismissed the claims against the city on governmental immunity grounds (a decision Sidley is appealing), but Sidley was able to find and serve the contractor (who had disappeared) and, after fact and expert discovery, reach a favorable settlement for the client.