Justice for a Sexual Assault Victim
Sidley is representing a California woman who is suing Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula over her treatment in 2015 for sexual assault. Instead of administering a rape kit, the defendants flagged her as suffering from bipolar disorder, refused to let her leave the hospital, tackled her, breaking her ribs, injected her with anti-psychotic medication and detained her for three days against her will. She filed her lawsuit pro se in 2017 in federal court, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with state law claims.  When the court appointed Sidley as pro bono counsel in 2018, it had already dismissed several claims and was considering dismissing the entire case. However, in early 2019, the court granted the plaintiff’s motion for leave to file her proposed third amended complaint, reinstating several claims and putting the case on track for trial. Learning of the result, the woman told Sidley this was the best day of her life in the last 20 years.
Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties Project / Justice for a Sexual Assault Victim