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Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties Project
Sidley works closely with many civil rights advocacy organizations across the country to protect and defend the constitutional rights and civil liberties of all people, especially those most subjected to marginalization, persecution or profiling. Our clients include prisoners and detainees, women in the workplace, LGBTQ+ individuals, and racial and ethnic minorities. Our pro bono practice works through the courts, administrative agencies and legislatures to safeguard, promote and expand individual rights and civil liberties so that all people can live freely and proudly.
“Sidley stands out as a leader in the pro bono community. In every case, for every brief, with regard to every piece of advice and counsel, they have treated the representation as if it is the most important matter in the firm. We value our partnership with Sidley deeply.”
– Jonathan M. Smith, Executive Director, Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs