A Strong Defense Against Abuse
“The fabulous Sidley team put on a compelling case. As a result of their hours of work with the mother, she was able to testify clearly and persuasively. It was clear that everyone in the courtroom was moved.”
– Karen Baker, Senior Attorney, KIND
Sidley helped obtain asylum for a woman from El Salvador who endured over a decade of abuse by her husband before fleeing to the United States in 2018 with her daughter. The immigration judge found that she suffered past persecution and had a well-founded fear of future persecution based on her membership in the particular social group “married women in El Salvador,” and that the Salvadoran government is unable and/or unwilling to protect her. The immigration judge granted asylum from the bench after a three-hour merits hearing. Attorneys at Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) and Ayuda provided mentorship.
Political Asylum and Immigrants’ Rights Project / A Strong Defense Against Abuse