In an interview with Chicago magazine in 1984, Newton Minow, then a managing partner at Sidley, shared his recommendations for improving the city’s public schools. Commitment, he said, was key to turning struggling schools around. Soon after the article was published, he received a phone call from Belkis Santos, then-principal of Kanoon Elementary School in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

“Basically, she said, ‘OK, bigshot, put your money where your mouth is,’” Mr. Minow fondly recalled. “I never dreamed it would last 35 years.” The relationship between Sidley and Kanoon, which endures to this day, is the longest-running corporate partnership for any Chicago public school. Sidley’s support has funded improvements to the school’s facilities, including the library, auditorium and gymnasium, as well as provided continuing education for the teachers and technology for the students. “When I started here nine years ago, I realized that our kids don’t all have access to technology at home,” said current principal Dr. Marin Gonzalez. “Thanks to Sidley, every classroom from preschool through eighth grade now has a Chromebook or an iPad.”
“Sidley has Chicago roots. We’ve grown up here and we have a very strong connection to the community. We’re always excited about opportunities to give back and to grow with our city.”
— Teresa Harmon, Chicago Office Managing Partner
Robert Adam, now a Sidley alumnus, listens as students present their “book chat” projects.
Ms. Adriana Ortiz, a math teacher at Kanoon Elementary School, with Mr. Minow at his 90th birthday celebration, held at the school.
FROM THE BEGINNING Why the Sidley-Kanoon Partnership Works.

Celebrating 35 Years
and Counting


Sidley and Kanoon:

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Supporting Kanoon During the COVID-19 Crisis
Sidley has been working closely with Kanoon's principal, Dr. Marin Gonzalez, to ensure that all Kanoon students have access to e-learning devices. We are also providing Friday lunches for the school’s onsite team that distributes food to Kanoon students and families. We will continue to explore additional opportunities to help in the months ahead.
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